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Monday 28th May 2007 07:56:47 PM

I was really surprised about this one, got a letter through the post from DVLA reminding me that my car's road tax is up for renewal at the end of this month (though I already knew). I was planning a trip to the Post Office in the next two days but when it said you can renew it online simply by entering your reference number I was thinking god bless modern technobabble.

Saved me a trip down town thats for sure, eventhough it only takes 5 minutes to get there. Yes I know I'm lazy, and if the internet progresses at this level I won't have to get out of the house. Ever.

Oh and here's the link before I forget:

Posted by Piniyini

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Wed 2nd Jul 08 09:59:46 AM 1

Thanks for bringing this to our attention, will have to wait until next time round though

From the DVLA site you mention: "You should receive the new tax disc in the post within 5 working days"

as am already 2 days late and still waiting for an insurance cover note in the post so currently having to drive (illegally) into work (usually take public transport) just so that I can park up in a a car park to stay hidden from the traffic wardens.

Tue 19th Aug 08 03:45:37 PM 2 Wally1973

Those buying their vehicle tax online or by phone will now be able to tax on the last day of the month and still be able to legally continue to drive their vehicles for up to 5 days while they wait for their new tax disc to arrive. This will only apply where the new tax disc has been applied for before the current one expires and motorists should continue to display the expired disc on their vehicles, until the new one arrives.

To renew vehicle tax or SORN quickly and easily, log onto: or phone 0870 850 4444.

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