pini pom pom

Tuesday 20th May 2008 06:27:22 PM

I wanted to delete this blog.

But I couldn't do it.

So I left it, as is.

Truth be told, the pom pom had left me.

What's without the pom pom?


Then a few incidents occurred.

Went to a cousins house

Where we convinced my BIL

To smoke a 'plain cigar' - "tastes exactly like a cigarette" we told him

He wasn't having any of it

"It's an original Cuban import" I told him, "rolled on the thighs of virgins"

15 mins later we have a BIL who is chatting a lot of shit


Other day, went to a see a cousin who has his own flat

and lives alone

instead of knocking like normal people

had the bright idea to

throw pieces of wood inside his open top bedroom window

where we knew he'd be sleeping

10 mins later he wakes up

"You broke my lamp!"


"You effin nutters! How old you?!"

Which reminded me that I am now 22

and shouldn't be doing such idiotic things

that's when I realised

that the pom pom never really left

just sleeping, like i does

overslept, like i does

and will wake up when the time is right

and present itself where it must

and that there's no stopping the voice in my head

referred to often as the 'pini pom pom'

Posted by Piniyini

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Tue 20th May 08 06:46:52 PM 1 Feesa

wow, now that was just deep! especially for the pom pom :P

Tue 20th May 08 10:23:21 PM 2 Boba

This would most probably be an A grade :)

Tue 20th May 08 10:40:17 PM 3 Piniyini

I didn't write this for no stupid grade, when did I ever do things for them to graded?!

Wrote this to say I'm back without using those words exactly.

Wed 21st May 08 05:34:11 AM 4 Specs

What's up with you? 22nd B'Day and already going thru the middle age crisis?!!?!?

*Auntie Specs wags index finger at Feesa and Boba*

'Girls, what did you say to your bhai?'

Wed 21st May 08 08:39:18 PM 5 Kitap

I didn't write this for no stupid grade too

Sun 25th May 08 11:30:53 AM 6 Ash

Pini pom pom
just cos you get older doesn't mean you have to try and act it

; )

Sun 25th May 08 09:07:45 PM 7 No One

haha welcome back pini =) tahh

Wed 28th May 08 10:59:52 PM 8 Icedmocha

i just woke up..

Tue 3rd Jun 08 07:52:03 PM 9 Utp

What the...?

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